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3rd March
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Mitt Romney is, as country band “Big and Rich” would sing, “rollin’, rollin’, rollin.’” Mitt Romney continues to show broad strength in the GOP nomination contest with a big win in the Washington State caucuses.  He bested Ron Paul and Rick Santorum (who are only a couple hundred votes apart) by more than 10 points.

This gives Romney additional momentum going into “Super Tuesday” and the most important contest that day, Ohio.

Unless Santorum can pull off some solid wins next Tuesday, it’s going to be hard for him to justify continuing his campaign.  Gingrich has no business continuing forward, but since his head is in lunar mode, he still hasn’t recognized he has long overstayed his welcome.

For all intents and purposes, the general election is on – and it’s time for Republicans as a party to focus all of their energy on making Obama a one term President.

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  1. Darden

    I think it all depends on Ohio – with Mitt settling for a virtual tie in his home state, Santorum is far from finished. Santorum has stumbled and his self inflicted wounds of the last few weeks have hurt him.

    If the effects of those gaffes continue to hurt him, then it is pretty much over for him. I would love to see Gingerich and Paul drop out so the full effect of the conservative vote can go up against Romney, but Paul will never drop out.

    If Gingerich loses Georgia, I expect him to drop out within a week, but it may not be enough to give Santorum the win…but it might be. I think it will be interesting to see how Santorum does after Gingerich drops out. Few Gingerich supporters will flock to the Romney camp and the momentum brought to the Santorum campaign may help pull a few of the Paul voters and convince many of the reluctant Romney voters to jump ship.

    It is a bit premature to declare Romney the winner, again – especially if Santorum can pull Ohio or Georgia out of his hat.

  2. 04/03/2012

    I would expect that Romney would be winning after raising $62 million dollars to Ron Paul’s $30 million and Santorum’s $6 million (per the FEC reports).

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