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28th February
written by Sean Noble







As expected, Romney coasted to a solid 47-26 win in Arizona, and topped Rick Santorum in Michigan 41-38, which puts him in the driver’s seat to lock up the nomination next week on Super Tuesday. At this point, Newt Gingrich (who came in third in Arizona and fourth in Michigan) should drop out, something that he really should have done weeks ago.

As I wrote back in January, Romney is well-positioned to secure the nomination. Last week, I wrote that Romney was going to win Arizona by double digits and also win Michigan.

Romney has proven his ability to win when it matters, and Santorum should join with Gingrich and drop out, conceding the nomination to Romney, so we can move on as a party.

Super Tuesday next week will solidify Romney’s status as the Republican nominee, and for either Gingrich or Santorum to stay in the race only wastes resources that could be used to beat President Obama in November.


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  1. Dave and Nancy Draage

    Sean. Nancy and I will both vote for Mitt, but there are peoples between the Left Coasts. What Mitt could do is hang out with the common man more. Get in the trenches with them. Maybe Larry the Cable Guy, for a month or two and not iron his work levies. Really there are a lot of people besides the 535. 🙂 Dave

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