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24th February
written by Sean Noble

Prediction: Romney will win Arizona by double digits and also win Michigan next Tuesday.  That will give him momentum going into Super Tuesday in which he will win more delegates than Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich and continue to lead the delegate count on his way to the Republican nomination.

Here is my problem with Rick Santorum, and it’s personal.  I took vacation time in 2004 to work on Pat Toomey’s Senate campaign against Sen. Arlen Specter.  Rick Santorum, to the surprise of many conservatives, endorsed and cut ads for Specter, as did President George W. Bush.  The argument at the time from the White House was that if Specter was the Republican nominee, Bush would be able to win Pennsylvania.  The counter argument was that if Specter was the nominee, the base Republican voters in Pennsylvania would be unmotivated to turnout and vote.

As a result of Santorum endorsing Specter, Specter won the primary in 2004 by one vote per precinct over Toomey and then Bush went on to lose Pennsylvania to Kerry in the General Election.

I can’t forget Santorum supporting Specter, who not only voted counter to Bush in the following years, but eventually switched to Democrat and was the deciding vote on Obama’s health care bill.

That’s unforgivable.



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  1. 24/02/2012

    Absolutely know that Santorum ain’t perfect…but as unforgivable is Romney selling out Ronald Reagan, 2nd Amendment, Pro-Life movement and “earmarks”….Sean, you know this guy is as philosophically challenged as anyone else running.

  2. Mary

    I don’t understand your logic. You are going to hold onto a grudge and we get another 4 years of Obama. I hope your are more forgiving in your personal life. Yipes

  3. 25/02/2012

    So it’s unforgivable to endorse a Senator of your own party in your own state, but not unforgivable to impose an individual health insurance mandate.

    We deserve to lose this election with logic like this.

  4. 25/02/2012

    Sean, hope you dont mind me disagreeing with you a little on your blog. I was also there in 2004 running a congressional campaign. After the primary we were getting killed and huge underdogs so everyone pretty much abandoned us. Santorum was the only elected official who went out of his way to do anything to help us in PA and DC and for that I have always appreciated him.

    As far as Arlen goes everyone in PA knew he did not want to endorse him. I myself was also a Pat supporter. But as soon as it happened we all heard about the deal he struck on Judges and the overwhelming pressure he was getting from Bush to do so.

    Specter can say what he wants now, but everyone knew the deal was in place at the time, I even had a conversation with Specters campaign manager at the time about it. Now Arlen is getting up there in age and may not remember it, but it happened.

    Also as I said I was a big Pat supporter. I honestly believe though that in 2004 in that climate in PA that year there was no way Pat won the general and we may not have him as a senator now.

    As far as his flack on no child left behind, I would rather have someone who voted for NCLB and says now it was a mistake, than someone who supported RomneyCare and defends it to this day.

    One last thing, supporting Arlen over Pat is much more forgivable than Registering as a D so you could support Paul Tsongas in a primary.

    The important thing is we keep all this in perspective and remember that three of the guys going for the nomination right now are all better than what we have in office now and we will all be on the same team after Tampa. The one that scares me of course is Paul.

  5. Woody

    Obama isn’t afraid of Santorum at all. I believe his campaign timed the Catholic contraception issue just to give Santorum a sympathy surge and try to knock Romney off the top.

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