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2nd February
written by Sean Noble












The Democratic primary for the newly drawn CD-09 in Arizona will be one of the most interesting races in the nation to watch this year.

Kristen Sinema is an unapologetic liberal who will have a field day with positions that Andrei Cherny took during his run against Republican Doug Ducey during the Arizona State Treasurer’s race in 2010.  Cherny, who is much more liberal than his campaign positions of 2010 would suggest, is likely to spend most of the campaign explaining why he said some of the things he did.

And in politics, as the saying goes: if you are explaining, you’re losing.

Sinema will almost certainly get early support from EMILY’s List and other left wing interest groups because of her national profile during her time in the Arizona Legislature, when she was the only openly bisexual office holder.  She took a lead role in pushing for Obama’s health care bill and has been a happy and effective warrior for all things left of center.

I predict that she will outraise the one-time wunderkind Cherny and that she will beat him soundly in the CD 9 primary.  The real question is why Cherny allowed his ego to propel him to what will be almost certainly be a humiliating loss.  Proof that ambition has real consequences.



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