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22nd January
written by Sean Noble

In response to a question by Chris Wallace, Mitt Romney announced on Fox News Sunday that he would release his 2010 tax returns and his 2011 estimated tax return on Tuesday.

Romney cited the reason as being that the issue had become a distraction.  I believe him, but releasing them so quickly after the South Carolina primary made me realize that an email I got from a friend last week was dead on.

So I have this theory on Romney’s tax returns that I think explains why he has gotten flustered on camera over releasing them and why he’s hesitant to release them.  I don’t think it’s the class envy thing at all—or he wouldn’t have bothered to run in the first place.

Romney doesn’t want to release his tax returns now because of the primary in South Carolina.  I think if he released his tax returns now it would show he’s donated millions of dollars to the Mormon Church—possibly far more than 10%– and seeing those numbers in black and white will rile up the Evangelicals and others fearful of Mormon influence.

Further, I think that is exactly, and the only, reason Newt Gingrich is sounding like Obama’s spawn in demanding Romney release them.

I agree with him.  And Chris Wallace asked Romney if his tax returns showing millions to the LDS Church was going to create a problem.  Romney had a great response in which he said that he hoped not, because he believes in the biblical call to tithe (give 10 percent) and he made a promise to give 10 percent.  Romney went on to say that if he hadn’t given 10 percent, then people could have a problem with him.

I can’t wait to see the percentage of charitable contributions by each candidate.  I predict Romney will have given more than any one else by a huge factor – and it is more than what the Obama’s give.

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