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10th January
written by Sean Noble










Romney’s win in New Hampshire was solid, and given that Gingrich and Santorum are battling for fourth place at about 10% each, I tend to agree with commentator Jeff Greenfield’s tweet from earlier tonight which said, “This is not Mitt’s victory speech–it is his acceptance speech.”

The nomination is essentially done.  For the first time in history, a non-incumbent candidate for the Republican nomination has won both Iowa and New Hampshire.

It’s time for this to be over, and for the other candidates to pack it up.  The shameful attacks by Newt Gingrich, essentially engaging in class warfare against Romney, will only hurt the cause of free enterprise, and Newt should know better.

I know that Ron Paul will stay in, and that’s fine; he’s a non-factor.

OK Republicans, get united and go beat Obama.

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  1. Darden

    I was wrong about Romney never getting more that 30% of the vote in NH, but the voters there are far more liberal than in SC…I find it hard to believe either Romney or Huntsman will do nearly as well there. I am looking at Santorum and Gingerich at this point and the fact neither seems to be gaining traction on the other is interesting.

    I look to SC for answers to the future – between Newt and Santorum – which ever takes a commanding lead will be the winner at the end.

    The fact that Paul came in second just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the NH results are meaningless. I said the second place winner in NH is going on to win…but this is a joke.

  2. Darden

    I stand by my contention that Newt, having gained traction on Santorum seems to be headed into Florida quite strong. Perry dropped out as I predicted here, as did Bachmann. I would have expected Perry to endorse Santorum, but was correct that Huntsman would drop out and endorse Romney – his folks would have tended to support Romney in any event.

    IMHO Paul will eventually drop and his supporters will gravitate to Santorum and Newt, but he will not drop out until it is too late to make a significant difference. That gives Romney a much better chance than if Paul drops early since his supporters wouldn’t support Romney if you paid them.

    Now that it is Santorum 1, Romney 1 and Gingrich 1 the race is wide open.

    The Romney “acceptance speech” was apparently very premature, although not impossible, but is far from a certainty.

    I admit to being a Santorum fan, from the very start of the process, but it is too early to consider any of the top three candidates out. There is much yet to happen in this interesting and apparently long road to the Presidential Ballot.

    My Prediction: Romney will be second again in FL…Newt is likely to win, but I am still rooting for Santorum. I hope that they are both listening to the economic wisdom Romney has to impart.

    I hope both Romney and Santorum recognize that they each have much to offer the American people and if one of them is at the head of the ticket, he asks the other to be their running mate.

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