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5th January
written by Sean Noble








UPDATED (to reflect GM, not GE)

It turns out that not only does the Chevy Volt cost taxpayers about $250,000 PER CAR when sold (for about $30,000) it can also catch fire days or weeks after an accident.  Think of it as delayed combustion.

So GE GM is putting out a “call back” to the 8,000 cars it has sold over the last year-plus.  Much to the individual Volt’s dismay, this “call back” is not because they did a good job on the first audition.  It’s a nice way of saying “recall” without the PR problems.  And, of course, the Obama administration is willing to let GE GM get away with a “call back” rather than a recall because they have more to lose than GE GM with a negative public reaction.

Imagine if it were a Ford vehicle that had delayed combustion.  The Obama administration would have put out a scathing report calling into the question Ford’s commitment to safety.

I think we should make a resolution for 2012: if you plan on voting for someone other than Obama and you plan to purchase a vehicle, buy Ford, not GM GE.


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  1. Gary C

    Am I missing something here? Isn’t it GM not GE?

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