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4th January
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While the rest of the nation focused on Iowa and the GOP nomination process, Arizona politics is running at warp speed.

State Legislator Kristen Sinema resigned her seat to seek the Democrat nomination for the newly drawn 9th Congressional district that encompasses parts of Phoenix, Tempe and Ahwatukee.  It is considered a “swing” district that most believe leans Democrat.

Sinema is probably one of the smartest politicians in Arizona.  She is witty, unorthodox and effective.  And she is incredibly liberal.

It appears that Arizona Democrat Party Chairman Andrei Cherny is likely to jump into the race, as is State Legislator David Schapira.  My money is on Sinema.  But because she is so liberal, it makes it more likely that Republicans can win that seat in the general election.

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Obama’s campaign has continued to push the meme that Arizona is winnable.  As you may know, I think they are smoking crack.

Here is a simple thought exercise: do you think that the Democrat nominee for the new 9th Congressional district would host a rally with President Obama in late October of 2012?  Me neither. Point made.

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In the newly created 4th Congressional district – also known as the “river district” that takes in half of Pinal county, wraps up and around the Valley and includes Yavapai, Mohave, La Paz and part of Yuma counties – is creating a hotbed of activity on the Republican side.  Congressman Paul Gosar is mulling whether to move to Yavapai County to run in this seat.  Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu announced he is running in that seat and Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce has expressed interest.  This could turn into a slugfest in the primary, but it will be a Republican seat.

The new Congressional District 6 is likely to see a showdown between Congressman Ben Quayle and Congressman David Schweikert.  That will be a race for the ages.

Speculation about what Representative Gabby Giffords does is just that: speculation.  That situation warrants it’s own post, which I’ll do later.

Congressmen Grijalva and Pastor will be safe in their respective districts, which leaves the newly drawn 1st Congressional district.  Former Rep. Anne Kirkpatrick is raising a ton of money there, but she will be in for an interesting primary against Wenona Benally Baldenegro, a smart (Harvard-trained lawyer) Native American who is running to Kirkpatrick’s left.

So the burning question is who will Republicans run in the new CD 1?

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