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31st December
written by Sean Noble

I got LASIK surgery yesterday.  It was very simple (easy for me to say) and I am amazed at how little discomfort there has been.

Even more amazing is that in my follow-up appoint today, I tested at 20/15 vision.  It is a miracle.

Big thanks to Dr. Andrew Holzman and his staff.  They do amazing work.

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  1. 31/12/2011

    Congratulations. I hope you continue to post about how well it works in the upcoming year. I have an optometrist who is quite skeptical of eye surgery and I am in the same boat.

  2. Tim Smith

    I had LASIK surgery a few years ago and have never regretted it. However, now that I am in my 40’s I have to pull out some reading glasses once in a while, as LASIK surgery repairs your far-away vision and does nothing to improve the up-close vision. But it is so fantastic not having to wear glasses to drive, etc.


  3. David Broadbent

    Great news Sean. I had Lasik on both eyes in April of 2002, with a ‘touch up’ on one eye in November 2002. Then and now my vision is 20/15 with NO astigmatism. Prior to the procedure my vision was 20/800 (8 diopters) with astigmatism. Pre-surgery, my focus point was less than 10″. Two side effects, to date, blurring when I get particularly tired, and loss of close up vision. Hence I own 10+ pairs of reading glasses that I keep pretty much everywhere. For me…the benefits dramatically outweigh the side effects. My surgeon had performed the procedure approximately 5,000 times prior to me. Pre-surgery, I asked how many of those 5,000 have serious regrets. He responded immediately with the number 2. Decent odds…at least for me.

    Miraculous procedure.

    Good luck with your recovery. Keep up the drops.

  4. David Broadbent

    Thane, I would suggest that you find a reputable Opthamologist to seek a qualified opinion on this procedure.

  5. Woody

    OK, but here’s the deal. I hear you’re awake while they do it. At the dentist I close my eyes just so I don’t have to look at what they put in my mouth. How in the world do you just lay there while they cut on your eye?

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