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25th November
written by Sean Noble







I suppose it is fitting that I would watch the final episode of Friday Night Lights on a Friday, and the Friday after Thanksgiving no less.

It’s no secret that I can get emotional – about my children, my beliefs and about my country.  But I even surprised myself in getting emotional about football, and Texas football of all things.  It is bigger than football… it’s real life, relationships, hardship, love, adversity and, ultimately, finding happiness.

Yes, watching Friday Night Lights pulled long lost memories from deep in the recesses of my mind, which made it surprisingly enriching.  I could relate, to some degree.  I come from a small town in the White Mountains of Arizona where there wasn’t much more than high school sports.

While I was a mediocre football player, I was decent at baseball and in my senior year, we took state.  It wasn’t nearly as dramatic as a TV show characterizes it, but it was pretty cool.

At the end of the day, the message I took away from Friday Night Lights was that no matter how great and important what you are doing at the moment seems, it’s the future that matters – because it should always look brighter and be better.

The lights may go out on a Friday night, but the sun comes up tomorrow.

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  1. Chad Heywood

    Surprisingly I discovered this TV series this holiday weekend and became addicted. It is a great show.

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