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22nd November
written by Sean Noble

Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year.  Thanksgiving is being wiped out by “Black Friday” which is actually now starting on Thanksgiving Day.  I’m all for economic activity, but this is getting a little absurd.


The “failure” of the super committee didn’t happen yesterday, it happened when it was created as a part of the deal to raise the debt limit back in August.  It was a terrible idea, and did exactly what Washington is best at doing: punting on the tough issues.


Friday Night Lights is one of the best TV shows in recent memory.  Why is it that I never start a show from it’s beginning?  My favorite shows have mostly been those that I discovered long into their run (Lost) or already canceled (Arrested Development).


The defeat of State Senator Russell Pearce in the recall, the ousting and then re-instatement of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Chairman, the future of Rep. Gabby Giffords, among other things proves that Arizona politics is not likely to get boring anytime soon.

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