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7th July
written by Sean Noble

Ben Domenech, a truly gifted thinker and writer, has a great post about Obama’s recess appointment of Donald Berwick to head the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). (Ben also has additional comments here.)  After the passage of the Democrats’ health care bill, the director of CMS is like the third most powerful person in the country over your life.  So how that person views your health care is pretty important.  Read Ben’s post, which includes the video, but I’ve included it here as well.

It just makes you shake your head and wonder how in the world…

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  1. Jana

    I’ve lived in the UK for 5 years now . The NHS is not only costing the Brits their health, but their freedom. Unless you are very rich and can afford private health insurance, then you are forced to sit in the queue and wait and wait….with no options.. .no choice… but to wait at their mercy. Second opinions, specialist? That’s even a longer wait, if even possible.
    Obviously, this stupid bloke has never lived here and seen what kind of system the NHS is. The Brits in the audience were probably nodding their heads in agreement, but then – they’re the ones that can afford private insurance. Our NHS dentist takes appointments with a pencil and paper (and only cleans teeth that REALLY need it – I’m not kidding). No computer in his office. And the NHS has recently spent millions on a new computer system for appointments, medical records and data that has failed miserably. IMO The worst VA hospital in the States is better than the best NHS hospital here. YIKES!
    The NHS is the 3rd largest employer in the WORLD, after the Chinese military and train workers in India. It’s the world’s largest and most expensive bureaucracy (I shudder when I think how big the US version will be). Politicians here are continually talking about how to fix it (as if that is even possible). Good luck with that, mate. Cheers Obama , hope this works out better for you than the stimulus package. Heaven knows it’s going to cost more.

  2. shannon hunsaker

    the US isn’t creating government run healthcare. It’s reforming insurance practices. The comparison is not the same. You should read the bill.

  3. John

    Shannon, but it’s pretty clear from the video what’s this guy’s real objective is.

  4. Jana

    Well I’m glad you clarified that for me Shannon. What a relief! I’m so glad they are only going to reform the insurance practices and not the whole health system. ..because that guy sounds like he REALLY admires the NHS and wouldn’t mind if we had the same thing in the US, with all HIS comparisons (did you even listen to it?).

    This is obviously the first step on the road to a government run health care system. And if this guy has his way, we’ll have the same mediocre health care system as the NHS, because at the end of HIS COMARISON he said, “Britain, You chose well”. (And by HIS COMARISON the best health care system in the world chose poorly?) If the NHS system is so great, why do all the rich people here have private insurance?

    I would like to hear your comments on what HE SAID rather than what YOU HOPE is going to happen because, unfortunately, he is the one in a position of influencing policy. And if his views on the NHS don’t scare you, then you haven’t experienced it. I’ll read the bill when you come over here and experience the NHS first hand.

  5. Steve

    “Excellent health care is by definition redistributional” Sounds like socialism to me. I’m pretty sure the constitution does not allow the government to fine me or throw me in prison if I don’t buy health care insurance. Shannon needs to spend more time reading the Constitution.

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