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27th May
written by Sean Noble

Television icon Art Linkletter has died at the age of 97. Linkletter was a pioneer in performance broadcasting, first on radio and then on televsion. One of my favorite bits was “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”

When you think about it, Linkletter was the trailblazer for what has become reality TV today. In the long-running “House Party” he would coax too much information out of people about someone else, who unbeknownst to them, would be sitting nearby. It was the classic “awwkwaaard” moment that made it funny and real.

He was married more for more than 74 years to Lois Foerster and they had five children, three of which have passed away, two of them tragically. He was also a Republican and served as a conservative voice for seniors for many years.

Here is just a taste of some of his humor.

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  1. Carol

    He was much appreciated and he’ll be missed. I remember my parents laughing and laughing at his program. There were some great entertainers from this era who could relate to people and lift the load for a moment. We need more of that today.

  2. 27/05/2010

    I remember watching his program as a child. I’ve heard him speak in person in the last 5 years or so and he was sharp as a tack. The world will miss him!

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