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29th April
written by Sean Noble

New York State Senator Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) apparently has a history of anger issues.  This was on full display during a committee hearing in which he blew up at a fellow committee member about his line of questioning with a nominee.  This is how the New York Daily News reported it:

Parker exploded in anger at fellow Sen. John DeFrancisco, a Syracuse Republican, who was questioning a nominee to the New York Power Authority.

DeFrancisco, who is white, asked Mark O’Luck, who is black, about the nominee’s prior claim that without programs for minorities, whites and the affluent “would have access to nearly 100%” of government funding.

As DeFrancisco told O’Luck he can’t fault everyone who’s prospered, Parker began screaming that the GOPer was “out of order.”

“How dare you!” Parker shouted, at one point referring to “you racist people in here.”

“I’ve never seen a white appointee be treated like this, in such rude fashion!” the Brooklyn Democrat yelled.

In a scene straight out of the Al Pacino movie “And Justice for All,” Parker was repeatedly ruled out order.

“You’re out of order!” he screamed back. “This committee’s out of order!”

Amid the nearly two-minute tirade, committee chairman Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) told Parker he would be removed from the hearing room if he didn’t settle down.

“Then get somebody to remove me,” he said. “Bring people, though.”

New York’s local CBS affiliate has this coverage, which includes some video of the committee hearing… must see TV.

The entire hearing is on YouTube here.  You can skip the boring parts and go right to the 21 minute mark in the hour-long hearing and see it for yourself.

Ain’t politics as gas?

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