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25th April
written by Sean Noble

All-day kindergarten is one of those issues that I just won’t ignore. In some ways it’s become a personal crusade of mine, because I had such a personal experience with it when my oldest son was in kindergarten and the experience I had in trying to actually exercise a choice as a parent to NOT have him in an all-day program.

I oppose “free” all-day kindergarten, because there isn’t any actual educational benefit to kids that last beyond the 3rd grade. In fact, in my son’s case, his reading skills actually regressed as a result of not being at home with my wife working on reading one-on-one. The link above tells the more complete story.

So I was annoyed when I read this story about how school districts are grappling with what to cut in order to save all-day K. It really isn’t much more than a few hours of free day-care for parents. I know first-hand. I tried to get parents to sign a petition asking for a half-day option a few years ago and I couldn’t get one parent to sign it. The most common reason? “Oh this is great, I’ll have more free time.”

The bottom line is that I don’t want my tax dollars going to subsidize the free time of other parents. And don’t try to argue that is critical for working parents. Sure it helps them, but my wife and I figured it out when our oldest daughter had half day, so it’s not like it’s a new concept or something.

So this is a bit of rant, but like I said, it’s personal.

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  1. Kathy Ganem

    I totally agree with you. Children need more time with their parent at home before going into an all day school. I wish they would cut all day kindergarten.
    Kathy Ganem

  2. 25/04/2010

    Totally agree with you on this one! These days parents expect the schools to be responsible for raising and totally educating our children. I agree with you, the one on one that happens at home is far more beneficial and creates lasting bonds that they will never get at school. And just for the record, I fought against all day kindergarten as well, and not even to save the community on taxes, but because I was one of very few people that believed that children don’t raise themselves, and schools should not be raising our children! I wanted all the time I could get with them while they were young… and I’ve never regretted that decision!

  3. shannon hunsaker

    I agree. But our K’s only go 1/2 day. Then if you want/need them to go full day, parents have to pay for after care. I thought all schools did that? No? Must be an Arizona policy.

  4. Carrie Rauch

    I am so glad you are bringing up this issue again! I remember us talking about this experience with our kids a couple of years ago – my son was the only one at our school in Anthem to have a half day. The school was irritated by my decision, but there is absolutely no benefit and I didn’t think I could oppose a program if I participated in it.

    My friends do not understand why I won’t let this topic go, but how dare this state ask me for more money while wasteful programs like that are still in place?! I don’t get people, it’s one more year until the kids are there full time – you can postpone your free time until then. This year, just take them along to Starbucks…

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