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11th April
written by Sean Noble

The world of golf was put back on its regular axis with Phil Mickelson’s triumph at the Masters. The world watched as Tiger Woods returned to golf following months out of the game as he has weathered scandal.

I’m sure many people were rooting for Tiger to win it all in his comeback debut. But I had a feeling of relief when the hard-working every-guy Mickelson sunk his birdie on the 18th green to seal his third Masters win.

I actually feel like golf will return to some normalcy now. And we’ll all be better for it.

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  1. David

    Sunday evening while having dinner at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, FL, Hal Sutton sat next to me at our table. As we visited about life and in particular, about golf, I asked his views on the Masters this year. His response, ‘I’m just glad that Tiger didn’t win, it would send the wrong message to the youth of America’. I couldn’t agree more. After having so thoroughly tanked his life and disappointed his constituents, it would have been a negative message were he to immediately,and easily win a major tournament. While I don’t wish him ill, it is appropriate that he should struggle a bit with his return.

    I asked Hal about the favorite moments in his golf career. He gave a two part response. 1- His victory over Jack Nicklaus in the 1983 PGA Championship. 2- His victory over Tiger Woods in the 2000 Players Championship. Nice…

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