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7th April
written by Sean Noble

Baseball is America’s pastime. Every April, millions of fans all over the country have high hopes that their favorite team will make it to October. Losses are excused as early season jitters, wins are inflated to grandiose predictions. Fans from young kids to old men argue and cajole about who the best teams are and who the best players are. And every baseball fan has a favorite player.

Unless you happen to be Barack Obama. In a stunningly embarrassing moment on TV (video below) during the National’s home opener against the Phillies, Obama talks about being “a Southside kid” and long-time White Sox fan and is then asked who his favorite player was growing up. The stammering becomes awkward as it is obvious he can’t name anyone, and then tries to shift to “I liked a lot of Cubs too.” He completes his verbal gymnastics by saying he grew up in Hawaii and was an A’s fan.

I know it may sound petty, but for crying out loud, you can’t foist yourself as a regular guy from the Southside of Chicago, talking about how big a fan you are of the White Sox – even implying you’re a White Sox kid – and be literally stumped to come up with ONE name of a player. It is offensive to real baseball fans.

Of course, I’m not sure why I’m so fired up about this… this is the same guy who, standing in the heartland of America’s field of dreams (for you non-baseball fans, that’s Iowa), tried to connect to the farmers during his campaign by asking, “Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?”

I didn’t even know what arugula was at the time. To make matters worse for him, they don’t grow arugula in any real quantity in Iowa, and there are no Whole Foods stores in the entire state.

This pattern of politicians pretending to be something they’re not when it comes to everyday life is exactly what drives people crazy. Hey, we may disagree on policy, but don’t just make stuff up to make yourself “more real.”

And please, stop being a poser with America’s favorite pastime.

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