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12th March
written by Sean Noble

If Democrats don’t pass health care “reform” by March 26, then the two-week Easter recess could end up looking a lot like last August, when the American electorate made it abundantly clear that they did not favor a government takeover of health care. At least that is the intent of some Republicans, according to this story in the Washington Examiner.

“If health care doesn’t get done by Easter,” says Republican Rep. John Shadegg, “then we need to make Easter look like last August.”

The Democrats continue to push the narrative of inevitability, but even that is wearing thin, given that they have been pushing that narrative since last April. One thing for certain: never have the American people been offered such a stark difference in philosophy over the role of government than what the Democrats are trying to ram through Congress in comparison to what the Republicans would offer as solutions.

The question is whether the moderate Democrats will listen to the American people or Nancy Pelosi.

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  1. Ginni

    Their arrogance is astounding. I suspect Easter recess WILL be like August and that there will be serious political ramifications come November, but even then the Democrats will blame it on everything but their own bad policy.

  2. shannon hunsaker

    The Republicans have never offered a solution to health care!!! Who are you trying to fool?

  3. 13/03/2010

    DO you wonder why we have such distrust and bickering in Washington? Because of posts like this. I would love to see you go on the record, just once, and tell me what you don’t like about the bill. Now I know there are plenty of provisions, and plenty of material to work with (2000 pages right?…I think I have heard that once or twice), so this should be an easy task. Educate me, a regular reader of your blog, why this bill is bad, without partisan bickering. Don’t treat me like a little kid and try to persuade me with fear or position.

    I have now studied each of the three bills passed by the two chambers, and the white house’s revisions. I have seen the poll numbers when asking voters about the total bill (bad) and when voters are asked about the major provisions in the bill (good). What this tells me is that 1) voters really have no idea what they are arguing about (and this falls on Obama to educate, I get that) and 2) once voters actually understand what’s in the bill, the majority support it.

    Stop with the fear tactics. You call this a government takeover of healthcare, but you give no examples of your claim. You want this bill to be killed (and I will agree with Shannon on this one) you have not given me an alternative solution to believe in. You and I have spoken on occasion about this subject, but this blog of yours is a tale of two cities. This is your bully pulpit. This blog is a tool you use to divide us further, not educate.

    Give me facts that we can debate and make us all a bit more informed. Instead of telling me this is a bad idea, help me see why.

  4. toby

    Matthew, I find it beyond funny that you accuse Sean of using HIS OWN blog as a “bully pulpit”.

    I think we all know who’s really using Sean’s blog as their “Bully Pulpit”.

    I love the fact that Mr. Bully Pulpit’s comments are longer than the original post.

    Did someone say blowhard? Yes, I did.

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