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9th March
written by Sean Noble

Arizona Republic reporter Dan Nowicki writes that Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl oppose the sales tax increase that the legislature referred to the May 18 election ballot.

I’m not surprised. Both McCain and Kyl have been pretty darn solid on not raising taxes.

What is more surprising, as I have blogged before, is that a Republican Governor is supporting a tax increase, particularly in this economic environment.

Predictably, the Yes on 100 crowd “couldn’t be more disappointed.”

Eh, what do you expect? Did you really think that two Senators with fairly consistent “A” ratings from National Taxpayer’s Union would support a tax increase?

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  1. Steve

    I think the surprise and disappointment comes from the fact that our Senators shouldn’t opine about things they
    a) don’t understand
    b) have made no effort to understand (budget briefing with the gov)
    c) have no alternative solution for
    d) are only doing because for some crazy reason they are running scares of a former congressman who couldn’t hold his own seat and can’t raise any money.

  2. Matthew

    McCain and Kyl also hold “A” ratings in big government as apparent by their voting records in the past 20 years. By the way, wasn’t it McCain who opposed Bush’s ridiculous wealth-redistributing tax cuts in 2003? Wasn’t he one of the reasons the Republicans needed reconciliation to pass those tax cuts?

  3. Audrey

    They aren’t thinking of the future. Porbably because selfish doesn’t think beyond ‘Oh well I won’t be around then” Supporters see these numbers ->

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