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8th March
written by Sean Noble

You know it’s the dog days of a cold winter in Washington when the media is captivated by the palace intrigue of the Obama White House.

The typical narrative pits the loyal, long-time Obama staffers (eg. David Axelrod) against the interloper who came on board after Obama’s election (read: Rahm Emanual).

Of course, it’s the interloper that is seen as the bad guy. In part, that is because the liberal media is more aligned with the progressive ideologues in the White House, and less with the pragmatic practitioners like Rahm.

Remember, Rahm is a veteran of the Clinton White House and there was much wailing and knashing of teeth when Obama selected him as Chief of Staff.

Now, you have a hard-core liberal Congressman who is accusing Rahm of forcing him out of office because he voted against Obama’s health care bill… not because it was too liberal, but because it wasn’t liberal enough.

Rep. Eric Massa is under investigation for inappropriate sexual conduct with a male staffer (or maybe multiple male staffers) by the ethics committee and just resigned his seat over it.

Now Massa is saying that because he was a no vote, and Pelosi needs every possible vote she can get, he was forced out. His resignation makes the magic number for her to pass the health care bill 216 votes. If he hadn’t resigned, she would have needed 217 votes. So pushing him out gives her a two-fer… it takes away a no vote and reduces the number of yes votes needed.

This follows Obama’s quote saying he would do “whatever it takes” to pass government-run health care.

And they say that right-wingers like me are conspiracy theorists…

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  1. Matthew

    Wow Sean, they should have an anchor spot waiting for you on Fox for your fair and balanced perspectives. I guess Massa’s antithesis would be Nathan Deal, Georgia’s Republican Congressman, who was forced back in by Republican leadership after announcing his retirement, for the sole purpose of voting against the Healthcare bill. I guess this follows the “do everything it takes” to bring government to a stand still mantra of the GOP.

    Hooray for Republican leadership who filibuster a defense appropriations bill, that once the filibuster is broken with 60, passes the floor with a 98-2 vote.

    Hooray for the Republican pundits who call reconciliation a “cheap parliamentary trick” and then look in the mirror without flinching, and tell themselves that filibusters are justifiable.

    Bring on the healthcare bill that shoots down anti- capitalistic laws like drug price fixing, healthcare anti-trust legislation, and using taxpayer dollars to pay insurance company shareholders. Bring on the Healthcare bill that does not raise our deficit by one penny (which is more then the Republicans can say about their entitlement programs passed in the passed 10 years – source: CBO).

  2. Matthew


  3. 09/03/2010

    Mathew needs to wake up and smell the Garbage!

  4. 09/03/2010

    none available

  5. 09/03/2010

    “They” always like to tag anything they don’t want discussed as a conspiracy theory.

  6. 10/03/2010

    Allan, thanks for reinforcing my opinion.

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