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5th March
written by Sean Noble

Major League Baseball spring training is underway and my sons little league opening day is this week.

For a baseball nut like me, it’s Christmas in the spring.

The gift of the Cactus League, with the addition of the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, make spring training that much better. With the Diamondbacks moving from Tucson to the Valley soon for spring training, makes the Cactus League that must stronger.

Play ball!

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  1. Woody

    Too bad they want everyone to cough up millions more for Cubs stadium. Mayor of Mesa says Tourism & Sports Authority is out of money–who’s fault is that? I hope every Conservative in the state tells their legislator enough is enough, let the millionaire players and billionaire owners build their stadium and let me keep my “only a dollar” money where I want to spend it.

  2. quinn

    hey man see some for me too i miss sitting on the bluffs in the sun waiting for fly’s

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