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26th February
written by Sean Noble

Ninety-one years ago today, Woodrow Wilson signed legislation designating the Grand Canyon as a national park.

I have been to the Grand Canyon many times, and each time the experience is a little different. Yes, I’ve had the Clark Griswold experience of taking five seconds to look at the view and then tell the kids, “Wow, isn’t that cool? Now let’s go get lunch.”

But I’ve also had the experiences of the solitude of taking in the awesome beauty and the totality of the size and grandeur of one of the true wonders of the world.

Happy Birthday Grand Canyon.

Just for kicks, here is the clip from the 1983 film Vacation.

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  1. Shona Robertson

    Funny Story, David and I are known to be the griswalds when we travel. I planned a vacation to take him to the Grand Canyon for his 40th birthday, rented a cool car and the works, leaving from vacation in Vegas. And guess what? The Grand Canyon was CLOSED. yes, closed. David asked “how do you close the biggest flippin’ whole in the ground?” Turns out Bill Clinton was there. Dems do it to us again.

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