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23rd February
written by Sean Noble

The first question Republicans should ask Obama when they meet at the Blair House for the health care summit on Thursday is this: “If we turn to a government-run health care system like Canada, where will the Canadians go for their health care?”

As you may already know, Newfoundland’s Premier chose to come to the United States for surgery on his heart, rather than have it done in Canada.

Isn’t that everything we need to know about why we should have government-run health care?

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  5. shannon hunsaker

    I don’t see how offering a public health care option will destroy the private sector health care. There are public schools and there private schools. ??? I went to public school and I thought it was a great school!!

    The wealthy will always have an option. What about the middle class, and the (ever increasing) lower middle class? I guess they just deserve to die?

    No one is asking for a free lunch, I believe they’re just asking for a place at the table.

  6. 24/02/2010

    Bad arguments all around. Sean, you know as well as I do that Canadians that come to America are the super wealthy and account for less then 1% of all cases. The example you just posted is no exception. Canadians love their healthcare more then they love ours. How do I know this? They recently voted down legislation in the Ontario providence to allow private insurance companies to provide healthcare. The irony? They used America as an example of why they DON’T want private healthcare just like we use Canada as an example why we don’t want government run healthcare.

    And Shannon, government run healthcare will destroy private healthcare. But I am more then happy about that. Insurance companies run state to state monopolies and drive healthcare premiums (not tort) through the roof. Government run healthcare would not have to make a profit, and therefore has a competitive advantage. Remember, the US pays double per capita for healthcare of what every other industrialized nation does (thats half for the care, and the other half for the shareholders of insurance companies).

  7. 24/02/2010

    (That last line of my post is a joke — yet closer to the truth than we would like to believe)

  8. 25/02/2010

    In case anybody reads the above comments on Mr. Noble’s post and is inclined to believe them I will add some holes to their arguments.

    Abolishing private health insurance will produce a government monopoly. Any monopoly will either cause prices to go up or service to go down as there is no competition permitted (see Canada for instance). Abolishing profit will not reduce cost as it will reduce the number of organizations that offer health insurance causing prices to rise.

    A free market system (whether in schooling or health care) is a boon for the poor. Competition provides better care for a lower cost. Private pharmacies are offering medical care clinics. When is the last time you saw a government office offer services in a local business?

    In Arizona MVD offices are closing because government can’t afford to operate them, this makes it more difficult for everybody (rich and poor) to comply with government licensing laws. People who can afford it will have the option to go to private MVD offices (and pay more). A government system of health insurance is going to ration service just as a government system of MVD offices has done in Arizona. Anybody who believes otherwise hasn’t done their homework.

    Most of my schooling was provided by government schools. I never knew if private schools would have been better as government schools had a monopoly on funding. The continued existence of private schools is a testament to how poor government schooling is that people will pay for that which is otherwise offered without direct cost.

    “The Medical Road to Serfdom” by David McKalip, M.D.

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