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18th February
written by Sean Noble

In my previous post I pointed out that in the TV show Lost, John Locke is now evil personified.

But a friend of mine pointed out that this is the real evil personified.

MARJAH, Afghanistan — Taliban fighters holding out in Marjah are increasingly using civilians as human shields, firing from compounds where U.S. and Afghan forces can clearly see women and children on rooftops or in windows, Afghan and U.S. troops said Wednesday.

The intermingling of fighters and civilians also has been witnessed by Associated Press journalists. It is part of a Taliban effort to exploit strict NATO rules against endangering innocent lives to impede the allied advance through the town.

These animals are sick and they must be stopped. Our efforts in Afghanistan have never been more important. Pray for our troops as they look evil in the eye and make sacrifices so that we don’t have to.

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  1. 18/02/2010

    Why is it that the US military must occupy Afghanistan?

  2. 19/02/2010

    Better there than here… which is what it could be if we’re not careful.

  3. 20/02/2010

    My sincere belief is that if the US Army wasn’t over there then they would have no reason to attack us here.

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