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29th January
written by Sean Noble

President Obama is telling the Justice Department to find a different location than New York City for the terror trial. Mayor Bloomberg had expressed concern about the trial taking place in Manhattan and even liberal Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer wanted it somewhere else.

It begs the question: if you can’t do it in New York, where, pray tell, do you think you can do it? It certainly won’t be well received anywhere else. Maybe since Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid have been so gung ho about civilian trials of terrorists, they should do the trial in either San Francisco or Las Vegas.

Actually, Vegas seems like the perfect venue. It’s all for show anyway.

This whole episode is going to continue to damage Obama’s credibility on the war on terror, or whatever his administration calls it these days. The bottom line is that terrorists should not be tried in civilian courts in the first place.

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  1. shannon hunsaker

    Yes, Sean, lining them up against a wall and shooting them would be so much easier. But aren’t you missing the bigger picture? Aren’t we trying to set an example and teach the world that civility, humanity and justice are more important than any one man’s death?

    An eye for an eye is a catchy saying, but it doesn’t allow anyone to grow, understand, evolve or learn to teach each other with tolerance or respect.

    These zealots are our enemy! Isn’t it more important for us to understand our enemy if we want to eradict them? Personally I think putting them on a stage is exactly what we need as a country and as a global community. To make everyone see that these monsters and their way of life need to be exterminated.

    Just because those religous Zealots choose to act like animals doesn’t mean that we lower our standards on human rights. What we are doing is the RIGHT thing to do.

    And yes, I say Bring them to San Francisco…and I hope we have a jury of homosexuals and transvestites who stand up as one and very civilly, and with a flip of the wrist knock out the death penalty!!

    I can’t imagine a more humiliating ending for the religous freaks!!!!

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