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21st January
written by Sean Noble

As this Politico article points out, the health care issue mattered a lot in Scott Brown’s upset victory in the Massachusetts special election.

Scott Brown’s opposition to congressional health care legislation was the most important issue that fueled his U.S. Senate victory in Massachusetts, according to exit poll data collected following the Tuesday special election.

Fifty-two percent of Bay State voters who were surveyed as the polls closed said they opposed the federal health care reform measure and 42 percent said they cast their ballot to help stop President Obama from passing his chief domestic initiative.

“I’m not surprised it was the top issue, but I was surprised by how overwhelming an issue it was. It became a focal point for the frustration that has been brewing with voters, and it’s a very personal issue that affects everyone,” said Tony Fabrizio of Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates, a Republican firm that conducted the exit poll of 800 voters.

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  1. Matthew

    Yes and no. Massachusetts already has an expanded health care program so the people of Mass would gain very little from health care reform. I liked what Paul Begala said, “Why doesn’t Obama pass what they passed in Massachusetts to provide everyone healthcare? Brown and Romney voted for it.”

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