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19th January
written by Sean Noble

The “Scott” heard around the world. The Massachusetts Miracle. Call it what you want, the bottom line is that Brown’s win in Massachusetts is an earth-shattering development in American politics. As prognosticator extraordinaire Stu Rothenberg wrote earlier today, “A Brown win would be the biggest political upset of my adult life.”

Well, there you have it.

Now, I may end up being wrong. On Monday I predicted an eight point win by Brown. At the moment he is up seven, but there are still a lot of ballots to be counted, so it may be even closer than seven. But holy cow! A Republican wins in a state that went for Obama 15 months ago by 26 points!

That thunder you hear is Democrat Congressman running for the tall grass.

More analysis to come…

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  1. Tamara

    Yes – we are also thrilled about the “Massachusetts Miracle”!! I hope this message is heard loud and clear around the country.

  2. shannon hunsaker

    sean…it’s more important for you to cage a win, than to put the best candidate in office. I don’t know Martha Coakley and I am not saying anything in regards to her other than she ran a bad race, but Republicans…is this really the best you can do??? COME ON!!! A guy who spreads for magazines?!?!?!!! Is this what conservatism stands for???

  3. Woody

    Give us a break Shannon. Brown was 22 when he did Cosmo. Hardly counts as “a guy who spreads for magazines”. Barney Frank let a lover run a bordello out of his basement WHILE HE WAS A CONGRESSMAN. (But since they’re both gay I suppose it would be bigotted and homophobic to remind you of that?)
    There are millions of Americans who would better represent their constituents than this congress has. Ironically Scott Brown won because he stood up for Massachusetts and said Emperor Obama has no clothes.

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