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18th December
written by Sean Noble

Wind. It’s a necessary element, right?

I hate wind. It is my least favorite element.

I’ll never forget when I decided that I hated wind with a passion. It was my senior year of high school. I was standing in centerfield in Chinle, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation during an early spring baseball game. Chinle High School apparently didn’t think having grass in the outfield was necessary. Well, you can imagine what I was dealing with standing out there with 30-mile an hour wind blowing dust around. I thought my eyes were going to be permanently damaged by dust and every fly ball was a circus act trying to judge where it was going to come down.

I decided then and there, with tears running down my dusty face (probably a combination of the dirt in my eyes and pure frustration) that I HATED wind. Nothing since then has changed my mind – it’s just reinforced it.

What could be worse than walking in 15 degree winter weather only to have to deal with wind, causing the wind chill to drive the actual temperature below zero? How frustrating is it when you are in a rainstorm and the wind is whipping your umbrella around like a rag doll? Or you are on a late night flight from the East coast headed west and the headwinds are making what should be a three and half hour flight nearly five hours?

I hate wind.

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  1. 18/12/2009

    Wind is my least favorite too. This must have been brought to your mind by the last comment of a three and a half hour flight being made a five hour flight! Very frustrating, especially if you’re trying to get home! Only thing worse is having your flight canceled! Hope you made it home!

    Oh…and Merry Christmas!

  2. Woody

    “The Windy City” Chicago gave us Obama & Associates, and that really blows.

  3. 19/12/2009

    The sailor loves wind.

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