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7th December
written by Sean Noble

68 years ago today, the Japanese attacked the United States by bombing Pearl Harbor and leading to one of the deadliest days in our history. Nearly 1,200 sailors on the USS Arizona lost their lives that day.

The Arizona’s anchor is now a monument in Wesley Bolin Plaza at the Arizona capital grounds. Each year some of the survivors (there are now only 21) of the USS Arizona gather to remember the sacrifices that were made that fateful day.

On this day, let us not forget those brave sailors that gave their lives in protecting our freedom.

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  1. RonJ

    My dad was in the Army-Air Corps (predecessor to the Air Force) stationed at Hickam Field (opposite the Navy base in Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th). It wasn’t just sailors who died that day. Like most of those of that generation, he said very little about the war in general and the attack in particular. He stayed in Hawaii until June of the following year, then was sent to the European theater for the balance of the war. He passed away in 1967. He’s one of my heroes.

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