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4th December
written by Sean Noble

As I was going through airport security recently at Reagan National Airport in D.C. (actually it’s in Virginia, right on the edge of the Potomac River) I had an epiphany of sorts. I’m a electronic gadget carrying case.

First, my Blackberry came off my belt and into the bin, followed by my iPhone, then my Kindle. I also happened to have my iPod in my pocket, and it went into the bin. In a separate bin was my MacBookPro.

Think about that. Five electronic devices. More than 570 GB’s of space for data, documents, songs, pictures, movies, TV shows, you name it.

What is a bit absurd about all this is that I can’t really imagine life without any one of those devices. Each has just enough unique application to my life that they seem indispensible. Of course they aren’t…. other than my blackberry… or MacBookPro… or, well, this is not very convincing.

I just have to face it. I’m not addicted to these things, I’m DEPENDENT on them. I think that’s worse than addiction.

One cool thing. When I’m on the flight from DCA to PHX (those are the airport codes for Reagan National and Sky Harbor – if that wasn’t obvious – and it’s not always obvious. For example, how is Dulles – in suburban Northern VA – IAD?) I have well over 5 hours of battery in my MacBookPro, about 10 hours in my Kindle, literally days in my iPhone and Blackberry, and 4 hours in my iPod. I’m just one powered dude.

What was that thing about being a geek?

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  1. Emma

    Little-known and very random fact, but even though DCA really is IN Virginia, it has a DC address and zip code. It’s like…how would you say it…Alaska maybe?
    (Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority 1 Aviation Circle Washington, DC 20001)

  2. Emma

    P.S. I think we can safely say “geek” won.

  3. 05/12/2009

    OK, what the heck is a Kindle? I must be getting behind on my technology! Ed does the same thing at the airport… except the Kindle.

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