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18th November
written by Sean Noble

This gem could only come from Congress. Rep. Emanual Cleaver (D-MO) has introduced a resolution that will solve the world’s problems (and one that I have tried to implement in every office I have ever worked in, to no avail).

It’s a simple resolution, really. Stop your whining. Well, it’s Congress, so it is introduced in more flowery language:

From time to time, we all experience anxiety, frustration, stress, and regret. And often, we respond to these feelings with a criticism or a complaint. Regrettably, complaining keeps people stuck on current problems, inhibiting them from thinking constructively to find solutions. Research has also shown that complaining can be harmful to one’s emotional and physical health; relationships; and can limit professional career success.

Translation: don’t waste your time complaining about our healthcare bill, we’re going to pass it no matter what. Obama told us to.

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  1. Woody

    Isn’t that a line from Animal Farm?

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