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8th November
written by Sean Noble

OK. So Congressman Mitchell hasn’t actually announced he is retiring, but his yes vote on the House Democrat bill to advance government run health care will ensure that he is not in Congress in 2011 because he is either going to announce retirement, or face a major backlash for this vote.

Mitchell represents a seat that has a Republican registration advantage of double digits over Democrat registration. In fact, there are more registered Independents than Democrats.

By voting yes, Mitchell voted to cut Medicare by more than $500 billion, voted to increase taxes by more than $700 billion, voted to require every American to buy government-forced insurance, voted to created more than 150 new government bureaucracies, voted to created a new government board that will instruct doctors on what procedures and tests they can use on patients, voted to exempt health care companies governed by ERISA from damages from lawsuits if their denial of care leads to injury or death and voted to create a government insurance program that will drive private care out of the market place.

The impact of this bill on the economy will be severe. Why in the world does Harry Mitchell think it is a good idea to pass punitive tax increases on average Americans, and create government run insurance that will kill jobs in the private sector one day after we learn that national unemployment is at 10.2 percent?

Mitchell is out of touch with his constituency, and come January 2011, he’ll be out of office.

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  2. Loyola

    Yeah, but will the Republicans nominate someone good? Who’s in the running? Speculate.

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  4. 08/11/2009

    When more than 75% of the media will heap accolades on more socialized health care I find it hard to believe that this vote will sting Mitchell much.

  5. 09/11/2009

    There are so few with any backbone in government anymore, I think they should all be voted out and start all over!!!!

  6. RazorsEdge

    Something else here not getting much attention. Rep. Mitchell also voted NO on Stupak amendment. Stupak amendment did pass thus restricting public funds (taxes) to be used for abortions in final HCR bill. With his NO vote, he voted in favor of using public funds for abortions.

    Regardless of your pro-choice or pro-life position, isn’t using public funds for abortions beyond that? Shouldn’t Rep. Mitchell release statement on his reasononings for his vote on Stupak and HR 3962?

  7. Woody

    I agree with Thane. As long as bubbleheaded local TV news anchors refer to “health care reform” “overcoming hurdles” Mitchell has more going for him than against him. He will draw millions of out of state union and other special interest campaign dollars, dutifully spent on those same stations. He’s playing the greeezy political game and the district’s Short-term memory loss voters will send him back over and over again.

  8. Zach

    The answer is to remind them. The media may have power, but people have access to that power. defeatist attitudes usually end up in defeat.

  9. RonB

    I agree with you, Most Noble one. Democrats and the left, including the MSM, don’t know what’s going to hit them next year. Conservatives and Independents are going to “throw the bums out.” The distrust and anger Conservatives and Independents feel will manifest itself in November 2010–big time. Even the left’s favorite Arizona son–Terry Goddard–despite today’s polling numbers, will feel their wrath. It will be close for Terry vs. Dean or Jan, but the R will win, due to many of us driven to the polls by anger with what’s going on in DC.

  10. shannon hunsaker

    I get it. You’re angry because you’re not getting your way. Your elected officials aren’t voting the way their constiuents want them to. (sort of reminds me of the 2000 election) But why would you look to get people to the polls based on, anger, revenge, and negativity? Voting and being part of change should ALWAYS be based on something positive, something productive. GOP…I’m begging you…give me a candidate, give me some leadership, give me something positive that I can identify with and get behind!!

  11. Andy

    It all depends on how much $ the DNC wants to spend to keep him. He was re-elected by outspending the R by 10 to 1. He will need ot spend more than that. So will Gabby.

  12. […] and vote for the bill, the Pelosi gang has just placed a huge target on their Arizona friends, especially Harry Mitchell.  Giffords and Kirkpatrick better start making their fundraising phone calls right […]

  13. Doug Nick


    You also need to factor in the DCCC figures for Mitchell. They are not part of his FEC filing since they are independent expenditures. I don’t have those figures, but they are substantial. The DCCC spent millions in the final two weeks on TV and radio for Mitchell.

  14. RonB

    Shannon, we are angry, not because we’re not getting our way, but because Obama and the Dems are violating the Constitution, tip-toeing around terrorists, opening the borders to all-comers, and destroying our economy by taking over businesess and trying to control every aspect of our lives. Anger–you bet! Do the Republicans have candidates and answers? Yes; and they’re not “bipartisan” b.s.ers like John McCain and Lindsay Graham. Here’s a novel idea: follow the U.S. Constitution.

  15. B M

    My residence is in Harry Mitchell’s district. I voted against him in his elections. I do write letters opposing the September 2008 pork barrel bank bailout and the Popeye Pelosi health care insurance.

    I am amazed at my district for having him in place of Haworth in the first place. Harry Mitchell is like a steam roller, not listening to his constituents’ opposition to creeping socialism.

    I also am aware this big government power grab of health care insurance is unconstitutional. I will work my rear end off to help Harry Mitchell retire at the end of this term and put someone from a different political party in his place.

    I am mad as you-know-what and i’m very politically active. Thanks to Barack Obama being in office, I’m more active than ever.

  16. B M

    Hey Razor’s edge,

    It always amazes me how the social conservative side is content if a socialist votes their way. But this is how creeping socialism works. Don’t throw out the individual responsibility part just because Harry Mitchell is a communist who opposes abortion.

    Good grief! I’m tired of this sell out. This is why the Republicans have been losing in the last couple of elections.

  17. phoenixgirl

    who is running for the republican primary for the 5th district? i saw a susan bitter-smith poster on chandler and 24th this past saturday…….got an invitation for a meet and great for mark spinks…. who else?

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