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4th November
written by Sean Noble

November 3, 2009 will go down as the day that began the end of the Democrat stranglehold on Washington, D.C. If the huge win by McDonnell in the Virginia Governors race, and the solid win by Christie in the New Jersey Governor’s race say anything, it’s that Obama’s focus on a government takeover of health care, at the expense of doing anything of actual benefit to create jobs, will cost the Democrats the majority in the U.S. House.

Watch for the jobs report that comes out on November 6. It is likely to show unemployment at a full 10 percent. This will put the nail in the coffin of Obama’s claims that a stimulus bill was needed to keep unemployment below eight percent, and send the Democrats into the 2010 elections sucking wind.

And yet they still don’t get it. Speaker Pelosi is going to force a vote on a government takeover of healthcare on the House floor this weekend, and the arms she breaks to get to 218 votes will be dozens of House Democrats that will not be back in 2011. It’s clear that she is willing to lose seats to pass government run healthcare, but the risk she runs is that she will lose the majority.

And they think they have it all figured out…

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  1. 04/11/2009

    Tuesday as D-Day for Democrats? As of Tuesday how many Republicans will be going to Washington, DC? Zero. How many Democrats? Two.

  2. Doug Nick

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Pelosi does what Tom Foley did in 1993 and bring a flawed bill to the floor and actually lose the vote? (The 1993 crime bill is Exhibit A.) The Blue Dogs are either A: going to snap back at leadership like a cornered doberman, or B: roll over on their bellies like a dumb Lhasa Apso and plan for retirement in 2011. There will be a mix of these responses, but it will be a Whip’s nightmare. It hopefully will all go for naught since one would think that Mary Landreiu, Evan Bayh and Blanche Lincoln have enough brains not to do this in the Senate. Of course, Harry could go “nuclear”… It would be fun to watch if the stakes for everyone weren’t so high.

  3. IronicIrene

    It is particularly ironic that you should post such silliness here immediately after posting “As goes New York…” where in NY-23 the voters went strongly and surprisingly for Democrat Bill Owens after over 100 years of electing only Republican Congresspeople.

    But then again, your readers don’t really expect consistency or logic in your writing — just partisanship and blind rhetoric.

  4. shannon hunsaker

    Why does politics have to be a football game? You seem to be more interested in which team “WINS” than what is right for the country.

    Is there any chance we can focus on candidates & issues as opposed to what color tie they’re wearing?!

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