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28th October
written by Sean Noble

In politics, there are little mistakes, and then there are whoppers. The Arizona Republican Party made a whopper of a mistake in a recent fundraising appeal. Pay close attention to the wording of question 2 below. Oops!

2. Thinking about the current budget crisis in Arizona, do you think it was right that former Governor Jan Brewer increased government spending at a rate which was double to the population and inflation resulting in the problems we see today?

o Yes 0 No 0 Undecided

3. Do you think it’s right that the State House and State Senate Democrats have refused to participate in the budget process causing chaos and higher spending?

o Yes o No o Undecided

4. In this period of economic turmoil, some Democrat leaders have actually suggested an increase in state spending. Is it possible to spend our way to prosperity?

O Yes 0 No 0 Undecided

5. Education is one.of the our.lonq.terrn economic securitv.. Do vou think that schools in our state do an adequate job of preparing children for the jobs of the future?

oYes 0 No 0 Undecided

6. Will you help the Arizona GOP implement your ideas and help keep our partybuilding

programs for the 2009-2010 election moving forward by making a contribution today?

o Yes, Randy! I support the Arizona GOP and the work you are doing to put our Party on the path to victory in the 2010 elections. To support the AZGOP’s efforts, I am enclosing my most generous contribution of:

I0 $1,000 0 $750 0 $500 0 Other$__ I Please make your personal check payable to:II Arizona Republican Party”

Contributions to the Arizona Republican Party are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Type of Credit Card: O~OllaOIllO.

Personal Cards Only, Please Credit Card Number

Contributions from corporations, foreign nationals and minors are prohibited.

Contributions are subject to federal contributions limits of $10,000 from individuals and $5,000 from PACs.

Federal law requires us to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. Please provide the following:

Expiration Date Name as it Appears on Card Signature Phone

Amount of Gift


Occupation Employer

Are You Self-Employed?

0 Yes 0 No


Paid for by the Arizona Republican Party.

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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