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21st October
written by Sean Noble

I’m obviously no fan of, but  the latest ad they have on health care is good.  It’s an effective message and uses a known Hollywood star.  What I like most about it is that for all intents and purposes, the “public option” on health care is dead in Washington, and every dollar they spend on this ad is completely wasted.  To that, I say, be good liberals and spend, spend, spend!

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  1. Woody

    At first this ad is weird. Since when do they portray evil
    corporate types as anything but old white men? And then the government do-gooder is a beautiful blonde showing a lot of leg? It appears to go against everything they’ve taught me about class, gender, and ethnic issues…but watch it carefully and you’ll notice at 26 seconds the two tubby white dudes are about to beat Heather and all the others. Obviously they’re cheating. What will she do?

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