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14th October
written by Sean Noble

Camille Paglia, a liberal columnist at, had some pretty strong language in an answer to a reader’s letter.  President Obama is not even a year into his presidency and he is already getting admonished by his supposed allies on the left.  This does not bode well for him for the next three years.  Here is Paglia’s response:

Yes, ever since week one of the Obama administration, I have been doggedly calling for heads to roll. As months of crass ineptitude drag on, however, the blacklist of those who should be tagged for the guillotine gets longer and longer. The most recent fiasco, of course, was sending the president of the United States on a humiliating fool’s errand to beg for the Olympics as a Chicago boondoggle. I cheered when splendiferous Rio de Janeiro rightfully got the gig.

You are correct to argue that the cluster of appointees around a person in power reflects his or her belief system and modus operandi. However, it is a mark of leadership to recognize the need for professional evolution beyond an old comfort zone. Obama is approaching a turning point which will define his political future, if he has one. He is surrounded by some mighty small potatoes who need shoveling into the dumpster. The petty provincials need to go, and far more sophisticated and world-savvy analysts must urgently be brought on board.

Opponents of Obama are perplexed by the disconnect in polling between Americans’ rejection of Obama’s policies and his personal popularity. Count me among those who are very critical of many of Obama’s actions or evasions but who continue to like him and to believe in his potential as a world leader. It’s true he has accomplished nothing thus far and did not remotely deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, a gift carrying a terrible curse. The Nobel should have been the crown of Obama’s career and not the butt of jokes. Yet the award has tangible significance insofar as Obama has endorsed the humanistic (if unrealistic) dream of a world without nuclear weapons. The lion may never lie down with the lamb, but politics will always be mired in seething, selfish squalor unless idealistic leaders appeal to our higher nature.

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  1. 14/10/2009

    She had me until she got to the part about believing in his potential as a world leader… although my 12 yr old grandson has POTENTIAL as a world leader (don’t we all?). I think he should try being our COUNTRY’S leader first. I continually question who’s side he’s on, which makes me question, Aren’t we the UNITED States of AMERICA? We seem to be so disengaged with this President. And when I think about that Nobel Peace Prize I think, “HUH?” It would seem Obama has a problem prioritizing. He seldom starts with the most important issues and he puts all his energy into things WAAAAY down on the list often putting our country in jeopardy. The article says a lot about the way that his own party is beginning to question him though (it’s about time!).

  2. shannon hunsaker

    Okay…am I missing something? It’s not like Obama campaigned for the Nobel Peace Prize, asked for it, or even thinks he deserved it, which is exactly why he GAVE THE MONEY AWAY!! Did you miss that point?! Obama inherited a messed up deeply in debt country and people are getting upset because he hasn’t fixed all the problems in one year. He’s just a person.
    Wake-up! There are NO such things as quick fixes or magic wands.

  3. 14/10/2009

    I think SNL said it pretty good:

    Shannon- I’m saying this to you respectfully and not confrontational, but yes, you did miss something. He did nothing to earn the Nobel Peace Prize. Nothing. So why did they give it to him? Also, I don’t think it’s a matter of what he’s trying to ‘fix’, it’s a matter of making things worse.

  4. 15/10/2009

    Amen Cheryl!!! I so agree!

  5. Matthew

    If you want to know why they gave it to him you should read the comments by the committee. That way you wont have to attack another without having all the facts. Their words were that Obama, being elected, has done more in the last year to change the global conversation and tone, than any other person or event. If anything it was a compliment to the American people who put him there. Also, your comment about making matters worse is a subjective opinion.

    Also Shannon, I appreciate your courage posting opposition statements on Sean’s blog. Make sure you have thick skin.

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