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8th October
written by Sean Noble

I get a little creeped out every time I see school kids singing for some political cause… this is no exception.  School kids sing for health care reform on set of CNN.

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  1. 08/10/2009

    What do I say? Hmmmm…. that was interesting. I somehow don’t think that was all put together by those students, rather by ‘another very uninformed democrat’ inundating our youth to think this is the answer… Big Daddy Government will take care of us. Pfffff! I think they’ll be singing a very different song if Obama’s health care plan goes through! (Although, I must say, they did have some good moves and a little catchy tune!)

  2. shannon hunsaker

    I don’t remember you being as vocal and down on big government when the “Patriot Act” was being put into place.

    Or is it just that when the “Republicans” create big government it’s grand. But when “Democrates” try to…it’s awful. hmmmm…who’s the hypocrite?

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