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11th September
written by Sean Noble

HT to Matt  Lewis at PoliticsDaily blog for this great nugget from comedian Adam Carolla’s on his Sept. 9 podcast.

Well, I know we’re in the middle of this health care debate. And I know the big drug companies have all of a sudden become Beelzebub. And I don’t know if there’s a way to balance this out, or work it out, but I like them getting rich. I like them motivated by greed. I love the fact that almost all the innovative drugs come out of this country because in other countries, they’re not motivated by greed because the government has gotten involved to such a point where there’s no entrepreneurship as it pertains to the companies. And I know these guys are greedy.

Like, it’s a weird thing. Like, if you sell cars and you’re greedy, that’s fine. And if you sell real estate and you’re greedy, that’s fine. But if you do something with drugs and you’re greedy, then you’re horrible. And my thing is like, look, AIDS is not a death sentence anymore because these guys are greedy. And I know no one likes it, but I like them greedy. I like them competing. . . .

And the second we tell you you can’t get filthy rich off of this stuff is the second they go, ‘You know what, eh, I’m not gonna put so much into R and D.’ . . .

Overall, when the dust settles, here’s what I want: I want the greediest guys in the world trying to cure cancer. I want the greediest guys in the world trying to make a car that goes 200 miles on a gallon . . . so it’ll get done.

Very well put.  Government run health care destroys innovation – which is why more than 80% of the medical innovation and drug innovation comes from the United States.

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  1. Jill

    What a great read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Emma

    Maybe people will understand how logical the idea of competition is when it isn’t coming from a politician. Competition (which would ultimately be eliminated in a government takeover of the HC system) drives down prices and increases innovation. And what makes that be a bad thing?

    Who knew Adam Carolla was so smart?

  3. Woody

    It makes my head explode when I hear politicians say the gov’t will introduce competition into health care and use the Post Office and UPS as an example. I remember when it was ILLEGAL to send a letter by UPS. And its still a crime for anyone other than USPS to put anything in MY mailbox! Do we really want nurses and doctors going postal? This health care thing is 100% power grab. I don’t trust either party to act in the best interest of Americans once they have their tentacles into it.

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