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6th September
written by Sean Noble

A high profile resignation. This is what happens when you believe you have a mandate and allow yourself to be surrounded by extremists.  Eventually, the true character of a person is exposed, and it is so outside the mainstream, the person has to leave.

Van Jones was never a good pick for a profile position in the White House.  His resignation is the first of what will certainly be more than a dozen profile resignations before the 2010 elections.  How do I know?  I don’t, but I’m pretty certain that it’s just a matter of time before we start to learn about the history of many, many Obama appointees.  It’s obvious that the internal vetting process is a disaster, so there will be many more “adjustments” to come.

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  1. Dave Drage

    Good Morning Sean, I feel some real hope as hard work of many patriots search for the truth. This search will truly set us free.

  2. 06/09/2009

    I think they were stupid for letting this guy go.

  3. 06/09/2009

    I can’t believe he resigned. No body is perfect but you have to have a real tough skin to be in politics.

  4. 07/09/2009

    Not that it isn’t surprising that Mr. Van Jones resigned because of his uncivil past but the greater issue was that he ever allowed his name to support the idea that government is always and forever as white as the driven snow (e.g. that government employees might not have some complicity in the September 11th bombing).

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