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16th August
written by Sean Noble

So Bush was vilified by the left every time he went golfing.  Will the same happen to The One?

This from the Politico blog which is covering the moment-by-moment movements of Obama:

Obama is back in Phoenix, sooner than expected, and while no explanation has been offered to the press, rumors of a golf game have been circulating.

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  1. Chelsea

    None of the same rules apply to Obama as applied to Bush. I mean, the very fact there is a Politico blog that follows his every move- and reports it positively-is indicative of that. And it’s not because what Obama does is more honorable or somehow better and therefore harder to criticize. It’s because it’s he’s trendy. Gag me.

  2. Not So Noble

    It’s been a while since we chatted, but I couldn’t resist writing.
    The so called “left,” which is far more mainstream these days than the tripe you sell, did not vilify Bush for every golf outing. We did vilify him for being the worst President in history on both the foreign and domestic fronts.
    We also didn’t like it when during wartime he took far more vacation than any President in history.
    Try again.

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