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12th August
written by Sean Noble

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee shows how concerned she is about her constituents discussion of health care in this clip.  You could not make this stuff up. 


I don’t know how many times I will say this in the next four years – but can you imagine that being a Republican member of Congress?  It would be running non-stop on CNN and making national nightly news for three nights straight.  But I digress…

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  1. Chelsea

    it really is hard to fathom that a Member of Congress would actually do this. Unreal. And yes, a Republican would be getting killed by the media.

  2. DSW

    Wow! Another great RNC campaign ad waiting to happen!

  3. 13/08/2009

    I can’t say I am surprised in the least this is the same Member that was once told by an airline she need not every fly them again, due to rude treatment of employees. I also am not surprised the media is ignoring it.

  4. Woody

    This should go viral. At some point the MSM will have to acknowledge it.

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