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7th August
written by Sean Noble

When Chicago operatives are running the White House they do things that are likely illegal.

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  1. Damon Pace

    The sad part is they’re too dumb to know what they’re doing is legally questionable. Not to mention, they only brought more attention to the fact that Obama has expressly said he wants to get rid of private health insurance and the way to do that is by starting with a “Public Option”.

  2. Mark Wrighton

    Oh, c’mon, Sean…What’s the matter with breaking a few laws if it means that The One silences dissent so he can get what he wants at any cost?? Get with the program!!!

  3. Woody

    Two weeks ago this administration dropped the charges against New Black Panther party members who were dressed in paramilitary garb with nightsticks intimidating voters at the polls in Philadelphia. Now they want to respond to criticism at town hall meetings with “twice the force”.
    Is this America?

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