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27th July
written by Sean Noble

The folks at Patients United Now, a project of Americans for Prosperity Foundation, are asking a simple question to Members of Congress: Did you read the bill?

They are launching an ad campaign that is meant to cause Members of Congress to stop and think about whether they want to vote on a bill that is rushed to the floor by Speaker Pelosi with no time to read the entire thing.

This has become a bit of a habit for Pelosi – if she can’t get a bill through Committee because it’s so big, complicated and expensive (think Stimulus and Cap and Trade) they rush it to the floor, giving Members of Congress no chance of actually knowing what all is in the bill.  With the Cap and Trade bill, the Democrat leadership introduced a 300 page amendment to a 1,000 page bill.  There was exactly ONE copy of the amendment on the floor of the House during the compressed debate.

This is not “the most open and honest Congress in history” that Pelosi promised.

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  1. Emma

    Pelosi knows that the only way she can get her agenda accomplished is to bypass committees, forego regular House procedure, and rely on back room deals. She knows that time is her enemy.
    Call your Member of Congress and let them know that Pelosi’s lies and empty promises will not be forgotten on election day!

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