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25th July
written by Sean Noble

Today is my birthday. 

Exactly three weeks ago I had a fleeting thought that I wouldn’t see my 39th birthday when my car rolled and I was rushed into emergency surgery for a lacerated spleen and internal bleeding. 

It puts a whole new perspective on birthdays.  Up to now they’ve generally been seen as just another year with many more to come.  As I sit here, I reflect that now each birthday I will be grateful for making it this far.

I’m not a fatalist, nor am I much of a worrier of death.  I never get skittish when I’m flying – even when there is really bad turbulence – and I never even think about that kind of stuff when I’m driving.

Looking back on my accident, I realize how easy it would have been to be killed in an instant – no warning.  I didn’t think much about turning 39 before three weeks ago.  Now I’m really happy I made it.  Maybe that’s the true meaning of “Happy Birthday.”

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  1. Laura K

    Happy Birthday, Sean. You have many admirers who are “happy” to celebrate your birthday with you.

  2. Mark Wrighton

    Many Happy Returns, Sean!!!

  3. heather

    We are really happy you made it too. The better purpose of b’days is not as an age marker, but as an opportunity for the rest of us to appreciate and celebrate those we care about. Think you found out post-rollover, more vividly than you may have previously realized, that you matter to a lot of folks. So have a particularly excellent b’day and know you are in the thoughts of lots of us!

  4. Carol

    Happy Birthday! How many people can cheer themselves up by turning their head and looking down at a scar that looks like Charlie Brown’s smile? You’re fortunate indeed!

  5. Jean McGrath

    People, especially other women, often ask why I happily broadcast my age. The answer is obvious, it sure beats the alternative. I am very glad you survived and will be joining me in celebrating aging. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  6. Charlie W

    Happy Birthday Sean (a few days late)!

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