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24th July
written by Sean Noble

Congressman Scott Garrett is a true believer. He is one of the few in Congress who not only is a principled conservative, he actually acts like it all the time.

You’ll recall that Sen. Jon Kyl made the comment that the stimulus money wasn’t working.  In reaction, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood sent a letter to Governor Jan Brewer asking if she agreed with Sen. Kyl and told her he would be happy to withhold stimulus dollars from Arizona.  It was an outrageous letter and Scott Garrett takes LaHood to task for it.  This is a must see video passed on to me from a good friend of mine on the Hill.

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  1. Gary C

    That was amazing. LaHood is truly a slimball.

  2. Chelsea

    You have to cringe a little bit watching LaHood try to get himself out of it, but he deserves it. Nice work, Congressman Garrett!!

  3. Ginni

    This is hilarious. LaHood was definitely squirming inside even if he tried to pretend he was just doing his job. Thanks for sharing!

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