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13th July
written by Sean Noble

I’m now in what is considered the “recovery” mode of the consequence of rolling my car and having emergency surgery to remove my spleen.

Recovery is an interesting thing to consider.  I have 30 staples in my stomach holding together an incision that is just a hair over 8 inches long.  It’s difficult to function when you are worried you are going to pop a staple at any cough, laugh, bend, reach or stretch.  I have decided that I won’t really start recovering until the staples are gone – which, with any luck, will be Tuesday.

The other challenge of having been a bit out of commission is the catch-up – particularly with emails, texts, voicemails, etc.  There is something a bit daunting about firing up outlook and seeing 3187 unread emails.  Good grief.

So, if you have called, texted or emailed me in the last couple weeks – hang tight, I’ll try to get to you!

So much for “taking it easy.”

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  1. Sue Smith

    Sean, don’t worry about answering all the emails. We are just glad you are ok! You had us all worried! Rest and heal quickly.

    God bless,


  2. nathan

    But Sean, 3100 of those unread emails were from before the accident…Hey, I’m just giving you a hard time, because I know you would do the same to me. Get better soon, buddy!

  3. Carol

    One of the moms at bunko told us last night that she just finished “taking off” her birthday month. No commitments, a stack of books to read and movies to watch, and no cooking! What a great idea. Now that I think about it, e-mail and cooking are alot alike :).

  4. Shanna

    the world doesn’t stop spinning because you’re sick…. welcome to the world of Motherhood =)

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