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10th June
written by Sean Noble

You see a story like this one, about Wal-Mart opening targeting a specifically Hispanic clientele, and the first thing that comes to mind is “Why didn’t they do that before?”

At least, that was my reaction.  Bashas’ has done it for years under the Food City banner and there have been a number of different chains that have catered to Hispanics.  Given Wal-Mart’s market share, you’d think they would have done this long ago.

So, it opens today – and my guess is that it is going to blow expectations out of the water.  Wal-Mart is a great store – it’s got everything.  I know there are a bunch of Wal-Mart bashers out there – whether you are a union supporter or a shopping snob – but at the end of the day they are good at what they do – sell a lot of stuff at affordable prices.

That will be the same with the new store at 89th Ave and Thomas… and it should be.

Viva la Wal-Mart!

(I don’t know if that is correct Spanish grammar – my high school Spanish teacher, Mr. Allen, would be horrified if he knew how little I actually learned and retained.)

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  1. Zach

    the Spanish is correct, techinically you would need “¡” (¡Viva la Wal-mart!). Of course, this gets tricky without setting the international keyboard up, though. If you really want to know the nitty-gritty, the article “la” could be “el” or even omitted altogether (¡Viva Wal-Mart!), but I like the tie in with ¡Viva la revolución!

  2. Zach

    Notice, that Wal-mart is not marketing in Californiam despite the arguably larger Latino population.

  3. Ken

    What gets me is the apparent assumption by the press that “Hispanics” = “speakers of Spanish” and that they need or desire stores with names and labels in Spanish. Many Hispanics do not even speak Spanish, their families having lived in the US for generations.

    The media would be much more accurate in saying that the Supermercado de Walmart is oriented to recent immigrants from Meso-America and their families. I really doubt that el Súper-W will have much in the way of products that would be of interest to Cubans, Filipinos, Argentines, or Spaniards.

    One the other hand I welcome the store. Stores and restaurants that cater to immigrants enrich our culture and cuisine. I’m glad we have Lee Lee’s market, Cafe Lalibela, etc. Too bad the Guatemalan bakery on Apache Blvd closed down during the light rail construction!

  4. 14/06/2009

    Sean. You are right to assume they have done this before. When I was working on the Target account several years ago there was a lot of discussion regarding “store clustering” where stores were treated differently based on shopper demographics. Target actually has stores label HI – Hispanic and AA – African American and buy products for those stores accordingly. I know they were working against WM when implementing this strategy. It looks as though WalMart has taken this a step further.

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