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4th June
written by Sean Noble

As if you needed more reason not to ride the light rail in Phoenix, this should keep you off for good. 

Around 8 a.m., a train was stopped for cleaning after a man smudged feces in the interior of the train. Police were told the man on the train was flicking and playing with feces.

The light rail operator was notified and quickly took the train out of service.

“It is a biohazard, and we have protocol for how we handle a situation like this,” says Hillary Foose. Those protocols include disinfecting the train.

Are we really surprised?  Riders have to hold it until the end of the line and they’re not required to wear pants, so of course this kind of crap was going to happen.

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  1. Woody

    We took our kids to an event at the Orpheum Theater a few weeks ago and decided to use the Light Rail. It was actually kind of fun, and I was surprised at the number of couples and families on it. But the lack of turnstiles to force fare paying and the lack of not only restroom facilities but many stops don’t even have drinking fountains makes it clear that the proponents and designers never really saw it as serious mass transit. It was and is simply a way to milk taxpayers and create patronage employment for the politically connected.

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