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3rd June
written by Sean Noble

The tragic death of Kerry Martin and her infant son Austin reminds us that life is fragile.

At one point in her life Kerry Martin was called the “31st Senator.” It fit her well because when her husband Dean was a State Senator, she was a near-constant presence at the legislature giving counsel, advice and support to her husband and his nascent political career.


It’s safe to say that without Kerry, there probably wouldn’t have been a Sen. Martin or a Treasurer Martin.  Not only did she provide structure and discipline to his campaigns and elective service, she worked just as hard as Dean did to meet and greet every person she could, adding a wonderfully human touch.


Kerry was one bright cookie as well.  She understood grassroots, precinct targeting, get-out-the-vote tactics and messaging as well as any seasoned political operative.  She knew exactly what worked and what didn’t for Dean on the stump. And she was always at his side.


As political couples go, you’d be hard pressed to find a couple who worked more closely together, played to each other’s strengths and weaknesses any better or adored each other more than Dean and Kerry Martin.


I got to know Kerry during Dean’s initial campaign for the State Senate.  We even lived in the same precinct for a few years, and have been the same legislative district for more than a decade.  She was always pleasant and always willing to jump in and help anyone engaged in a good cause.


My heart breaks for Dean.  I can’t imagine the pain of losing a spouse and then losing an infant child.  I’m a strong believer that God has a purpose for each of His children, and I have faith that these events are in His hands. I know Dean understands this as well, but I know it is still very painful.


One thing is certain, Kerry lived up to the Apostle Paul’s sentiment as written in 2 Timothy 4, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.”


Kerry and Austin are in a better place, and the reunion with Dean that occurs in the future will be a sight to see.


Godspeed Dean. Find strength in your anguish and know that there are a lot of people who are here for you.

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