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1st June
written by Sean Noble

The Governor has released her budget plan.  In her transmittal letter – addressed to citizens – Brewer calls for a $1 billion tax increase through a 1% increase on state sales taxes.

I know she, and her advisors, believe that there is no other way to deal with the budget, but the legislature has passed a balanced budget out of committee – without a tax increase.

Here is the problem I have with the Governor’s budget: if we can’t undo the massive growth of state government foisted on us by former Gov. Janet Napolitano and a few allied moderate Republicans joining with Democrats in the legislature, then why do we as Republicans even have a majority?  If it reducing the role of government in the daily lives of Arizonans isn’t an article of faith of being a Republican, than what is? 

What frustrates me with this whole debate is that I think we are presented with a false choice.  The Governor says we have to raise taxes – that’s because she isn’t willing to cut spending more.  The legislature has a plan that avoids cutting taxes, but has too many gimmicks for my taste.  It cuts about $600 million – when we really should be cutting closer to $1 billion.

Yes, I know it sounds harsh – that’s cutting a lot.  But if we don’t cut now, when times are tough, we will never do it.  It shouldn’t take a crisis for Republicans to actually act like Republicans, and it’s downright pathetic when Republicans just act like weak Democrats.

If I were in charge (and sometimes I’m glad I’m not) my philosophy would dictate no increase in taxes and no gimmicks – just hard cuts.

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  1. Kim

    And where would those hard cuts be? Remember, you wil be up for re-election in a little over a year. There are lots of families in your district.

  2. Steve

    You misspoke Sean, the budgets offered in committees are chalked full of back door tax increases with the impact fees and other stuff. They are hardly balanced either since many of the plans knowingly fall FAR short of reality and they know this (ie finding $50M or so in fraudulent ins claims). That to me is more offensive then asking outright for a tax increase. At least Brewer is being honest.

  3. Steve

    Also, keep cutting and cutting and we won’t have to worry about a majority next year either. We can all go back to complaining about not being in control and then we’ll really see the tax increases coming. At least with a Rep Gov and Legislature, we can find some compromise that will keep us in power and enact some real long term change.

  4. swimordie

    “Reducing the role of government… an article of faith of being a Republican”?

    What year is this??

    Prescription drug benefit, “No Child Left Behind”, TARP, Department of Homeland Security.

    This is the “REAL” Republican party. “By their fruits…”

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